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"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain

Helpful Resources

I've listed a few helpful links to other concrete websites that may come in useful throughout your planning process. I've also included links to a few book references that should assist you in beginning the first steps in building your first concrete path.



I would like to introduce you to the art of constructing paths made from recycled concrete.

path pool edge My experience with this began when I was looking for an alternative way to save some money on the installation of the hard scape around the pool we had installed. I wanted our pool to have a natural feel to it. So made the choice to use recycled concrete to simulate flagstone paving.

Broken Path Gallery

I've included several images in The Broken Path Gallery that should be helpful to you in setting up the planning of your site along with the final results. These images were taken throughout the path-paving process as my techniques and skills continued to grow in this area.

Broken Path Website Launch

November 2nd 2007.

I am very pleased with the results. I hope you will find this website useful in helping you decide if this type of material is right for your project. Also, if you do decide on doing a project using other materials, the information contained on this website should be of great value to you. Good luck and thank you for visiting The Broken Path.